Going, Going, Going… Global.

Another day, another update!

I’ve been working with Microsoft’s Multilingual App Toolkit, learning how to translate my applications to various other languages.  IFFY was the first app I was practicing with, and I’ve been successful in adding support for 11 different languages.  Only the standard, installed version has the additional language resources.  The portable version is only available in English.

On a similar note, I added a translation widget to my website.  See, up there, to the left?  That’s it.

Thanks, Bing!

Site Changes and Application Updates, Oh My!

Hello, all!

I’ve added \”Subscribe\” and \”Source\” on the main menu.  Subscribers will receive an email whenever an application is updated or a new one is released.  I won’t be sending out any actual newsletters.  Maybe some day when I have more time and more stuff to talk about.

The Source button will take you to my BitBucket repository where you can view my source code.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to let me know on here!

Also, new versions of IFFY and EFF have been released.  Both have had some bugs worked out, and IFFY’s search methods have been rewritten to improve stability.

Happy Thursday!


Lots of updates in the past week!  I posted new versions of IFFY and EFF.  They both include the ability to check for updates now.  Since the Standard \”installable\” version does this automatically, it’s geared more for the portable versions.  IFFY has an advanced mode too (skips the basic questions), and both have been refined a little and various bugs removed.

There’s also a brand new application called A Better Clipboard!  It’s my first WPF application, and it’s designed to be a snippet manager.  It can also be used to store any other kinds of templates too, such as emails or other documents, since it keeps all text formatting and images.  It even stores \”undo\” information, so you can undo changes even after saving, closing, and reopening it.

The updates haven’t been reflected on Download.com yet, but they should soon.  ABC has also been submitted as well and is pending.

Hope everyone made it to the new year in one piece!