Changes to Websites and Services

I’m in the process of moving all my websites and services to Azure.  There will be many interruptions to services during the transition.

Affected apps and services include the Translucency website, all applications under Downloads and Projects, the InstaTech website, the InstaTech Package Builder, and After.

All sites and services will soon be running from subdomains of *  I’ll be dropping the,, and domain names once they expire.  In the meantime, they will redirect to their replicated site on Azure.  Only the http protocol will redirect properly.  I’m no longer maintaining SSL certificates for any of the domains.

This means that all the links pointing to the HTTPS versions of my websites will not work.  The Azure sites, once redirected to them, are encrypted.

Work on all of this should be completed by the end of July.  Until then, many apps will be broken until I update them to use the new services.

In the end, this will significantly reduce the cost and time required to maintain everything.

InstaTech Release

A while ago, I released “version 1” of InstaTech. I’m still debating whether I want to make a serious marketing effort just yet, or at all. So, while I’m on the fence about that, I figured I’d at least start sharing and mentioning it.

InstaTech is a suite of tools for providing IT support. It has a remote control application, live chat support, and workstation management bundled together. The website is at, which is also available from the Projects menu above. On the Downloads page, there are prebuilt clients that are ready-to-use and are completely free for personal use.

The remote control app requires a server to connect the client app and the viewer, which is web-based. Using a server to relay the connections is how it’s able to traverse NATs and firewalls without any port forwarding. The clients on the Downloads page use a server that I’m hosting, but for business use, customers will need their own server.

The Package Builder will allow you to create your own server install package that has the client applications included. Try it out on your own IIS server!

Oh, and there will also be a huge update coming to Game Cloud soon. 🙂

Another Project

I figured I should do a quick post about what I’ve been working on. I recently started a new project, which I’m calling InstaTech ( It’s going to be a website for remote computer support, and I just completed the screen-sharing tools.

I’m kind of on overdrive with this project at the moment, but once I’m at a good “cruising point”, I’ll divert some time back to After.

Updates and Goodies!

Hello, all!

I have lots of exciting updates today! Firstly, you may have noticed another site change recently. I added “Web Apps” to the menu so I’d have a place to add browser apps, since they don’t really fit in the Downloads category.

After has been moved into there, and I’ve added OurDocs as well! OurDocs is a online document collaboration app. It allows two or more people to work on the same document at the same time. It’s kinda like “multiplayer OneNote”. It also has a chat feature and some other stuff, and I’ll be adding more things as I have time.

A lot of back-end code I wrote for OurDocs applied to After as well. While factoring in the updates, I decided I’d create a public repository on GitHub where I could share little helper methods and other pieces of code that others might find useful. You can find it here:

I also put a lot of work into After today, and I’ll be posting an update on there as well.

That’s it for now! Take care!

Beta Release of Game Cloud

Good evening, everyone!

I’m incredibly excited to share with you all that I finally have a beta release available for my latest application: Game Cloud! Please share this with all your nerdy/gamer friends. 🙂 I need beta testers and lots of feedback before the final release, and any additional word-of-mouth exposure would be super helpful. Head over to the downloads page to grab the portable exe.

So what is Game Cloud, you ask? Well, allow me to tell you! It’s a cloud-based storage app specifically designed for PC games. Anyone who plays games through Steam should be familiar with the concept, which they call Steam Cloud. It syncs your saved games automatically, so you can play a game on one computer and pick up where you left off on another. Game Cloud does the same thing, only it can be used for any game, not just supported Steam games.

This project has been a much larger undertaking than I had originally anticipated, but the results have been totally worth it. It’s fully functioning and ready to use. I just need to add some finishing touches, get feedback from actual users, and continue testing a little more thoroughly to make sure all the bugs have been worked out.

So please share this with your friends! I’m excited to hear what other gamers think about it and see how well it holds up to real-world use.

Thanks and goodnight!

Translucency Is Moving (…Has Moved!)

(The below was copied from my old site.  I’m now on my new host!  Yay!)

Hello, all!

I’m currently in the process of moving the website to a new host.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bring the domain name with me.  So the new website will be at

This site will be up until I have the new one set up, at which point there will be redirect notice.  It’ll remain until roughly the end of the year, then this domain name will be dropped.

I’m excited to get set up on the new host!  It’s a Windows server, and I’m much more comfortable using Microsoft technologies.  Just recently, I began writing some basic web services for After and another app I’m working on using PHP.  I wasn’t 100% happy with PHP, nor very knowledgeable, but I was able to get things working eventually.  Using ASP.NET for my web services will significantly increase my efficiency, and will also make me a happy programmer.  🙂

Oh, and my next app is going to be a-a-a-a-a-awesome!  I can’t wait to get a beta version on here.

– Jared

Sleepy Kids Available on the Windows Store

Hello, everyone!

Despite the lack of updates during the past few months, Translucency is still live and well. I’ve been working with Microsoft for several weeks to iron out some issues between my developer account and the Microsoft store, which was preventing me from moving forward with my first app.

With that all cleared up, I’m happy to announce that Sleepy Kids is now available on the Windows Store! Here is the direct link to the Store page:

Sleepy Kids is a Universal Windows App that will run on any Windows 10 device. Information is also available on the download page.

Most of my development time has been spent on my upcoming game, After. I’ve made a ton of progress since my last post, but I’m not yet ready to reveal too many details. There’s a link on the navigation bar that will lead to the development blog. All information and updates related to After will be on there. I’ll be activating the link soon, and updates will start becoming more frequent.

I’ll also be launching a Kickstarter campaign for After. My goal is to have that ready by February, but nothing’s set in stone. You’ll know when it’s close, though. I’ll be plastering information all over the place with annoying frequency to reach as many people as possible. You, my dear friends, will be asked to help spread the word!

Well, that’s all for now. Feel free to check out Sleepy Kids, report any bugs, rate and review it on the store page, etc.


– Jared

Windows 10 Development

It’s been a while since I posted an update.  Wow, almost 4 months already?  I’m definitely overdue to inform my avid followers on my recent activities.  (I’m laughing maniacally to myself in a dark room downstairs while writing this to myself.)

I’ve been hard at work on my first Windows Store/Windows Phone app.  I started with the Windows 8.1 framework, but since the Windows 10 UWP (Universal Windows Platform) has recently become available, I ported it over to that.

I’m almost finished, but there are a few features I won’t be able to test until the Windows 10 Store becomes available in 4 days.  Hopefully I’ll have it wrapped up and out the door quickly.  I’m excited to experience the new Windows marketplace from a developer’s perspective!

After that, I’ll be diving into the creation of a game for the Windows 10 platform!

Edit: Oh! I almost forgot to mention. My application was accepted by Microsoft BizSpark, and they are \”sponsoring\” me in the creation of my game and other apps. They gave me a free 3-year subscription to MSDN, which lets me download and use all kinds of software for free. I also get $150 a month to spend on Windows Azure services. With Windows Azure, I can create virtual machines and other cloud services. I’m currently running 2 VMs, one to run as a server for my game and another as a development test environment. Microsoft is really kinda awesome!