InstaTech Connections Overseas

I had the pleasure of working with an InstaTech user from Portugal this morning!  He’s an IT professional who was wanting to install InstaTech server, but there was an error when trying to complete the setup.

We were able to fix the problem, and in the process, I identified an area where I can improve the error reporting.  But the really cool thing was that I got to test using InstaTech from my server to connect to a computer overseas.  The computer also running Windows with a different language!  InstaTech performed very well, and I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together.

It was an exciting and rewarding experience in many ways.  Every time I meet a new person through one of my apps, I get a brief glimpse into different parts of the world and different people’s lives.  It gives me this feeling of how big the world is, yet how small at the same time.  And the feeling of inclusion and togetherness that comes from that can’t be properly labeled.  It’s amazing.

Site Changes and Application Updates, Oh My!

Hello, all!

I’ve added \”Subscribe\” and \”Source\” on the main menu.  Subscribers will receive an email whenever an application is updated or a new one is released.  I won’t be sending out any actual newsletters.  Maybe some day when I have more time and more stuff to talk about.

The Source button will take you to my BitBucket repository where you can view my source code.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, feel free to let me know on here!

Also, new versions of IFFY and EFF have been released.  Both have had some bugs worked out, and IFFY’s search methods have been rewritten to improve stability.

Happy Thursday!

IFFY and EFF Released!

Both IFFY (I’ll Find Files for You) and EFF (Empty Folder Finder) are available for download!

IFFY can help you find misplaced files by performing searches based on answers to simple questions. There are also advanced filters for narrowing your search.

EFF searches for empty folders, typically left behind by software uninstalls, so you can remove them. It’s mainly for picky people like me who like to keep their file system extremely tidy. There are also options for finding nearly-empty folders.

Check ’em out!